Bringing True Meaning To Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day that holds deep significance for millions of people across the United States, especially the men and women who served our great nation. 

Unfortunately, many of us forget the real significance of this holiday. 

It is not to thank those who made it home, but for the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve this nation’s freedom. 

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This year, Grey Team is in partnership with Movies of Delray , TEAMONE.SUPPORT, and SleepMe brought together veterans from all over South Florida for a special showing of Guy Richie’s: The Covenant, where we had a tremendous turnout of over 140 military veterans and their families. 

While “The Covenant” directly depict war or military service, it also highlights the importance of camaraderie and the sacrifices made by individuals for the greater good. 

By watching this film on Memorial Day, we can reflect on the values that our service members hold dear and pay tribute to their unwavering commitment to protecting and defending our nation.

Memorial Day 2023 and beyond, let us remember and honor those who helped make The United States Of America ” The Land Of The Free.

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