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Grey Team's Financials

At Grey Team, we believe in complete transparency and accountability. We are committed to responsibly managing the generous contributions from our donors and ensuring that every dollar is used effectively to support our mission of promoting the physical, mental, and emotional wellness of military veterans. Below, you will find our financial reports and other relevant information.

Every dollar provides mission-critical support.

Since Grey Team’s inception, we have blazed a trail in the nonprofit world, raising more than $280,000 annually in programs to help service members, veterans, and their families from every generation. 

Proceeds from grants, events, Grey Team’s Nexus Program, and generous donations allow Grey Team to maximize efficiency and productivity, keeping operational expenses low so the majority of funds raised support our mission-driven programs.

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Grey Team 990's

At the end of each year, Grey Team is required by The Internal Revenue Service (IRS)to file Form 990. A Form 990 is the reporting form that many federally tax-exempt organizations must file with the IRS each year.

This form allows the IRS and the general public to evaluate a nonprofit’s operations; it includes information about our mission, programs, and finances.

Below are all 990’s submitted and approved since our inception in December of 2016.

Use Of Funds

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Goes To Veteran Programing

Save each year, secure your future’s prosperity.

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Is Used For Administrative Cost

Employees managed with care fuel business success’s ascent.

Independent Audited Reports

At Grey Team, we prioritize transparency and accountability by conducting independent audits of our financial statements, board minutes, and veteran programming.

These audits are carried out to ensure the highest standards of accuracy and integrity in our financial reporting.

Our independent audits are reviewed and composed by:

Melamed & Karp, Inc.

Accounting Controller Inc.