Pain and the Lack Thereof – Grey Team’s HAELO Therapy

By: William Tolle, U.S. Navy Veteran

Let’s talk about pain or, in this case, the lack thereof. Let me back up a bit for a brief history, please bear with me. As a 59-year-old Navy veteran with multiple injury diagnoses and even more pain relief medications prescribed by the U.S. Veterans Administration (VA), my life has revolved around pain management.

The military takes its toll on the body and after my time in service, I had severe chronic back pain which prevented me from doing any of the things that I wanted to, forcing me to become sedentary for the first time in my life. Consequently, all of the prescribed pain medications and lack of exercise caused me to gain over 150 lbs. I began a downward spiral of substance abuse, alcoholism, self-imposed isolation, and eventually, suicidal despair.

At my lowest, the VA referred me to Grey Team. It was explained to me that Grey Team is a nonprofit organization of “Veterans helping Veterans” utilizing a multi-pronged approach of exercise, lifestyle changes, camaraderie building, and the use of cutting-edge technology.

Grey Team HAELO Device Use

One of the hi-tech therapies that I have been using religiously at Grey Team is the HAELO. This device resembles a large donut and apparently produces a pulsed electro-magnetic frequency that nourishes the body, promotes cell regeneration, and most important to me, gives immediate pain relief.

When I was first introduced to this device, my initial thought was, “What do I have to lose? At this point, I will do anything to avoid The Pain that I have suffered with for years.” After sitting awkwardly with the HAELO on my chest for about twenty minutes and feeling nothing, my skepticism began to increase. It peaked when I was told the therapy was over and I had felt nothing… That is… Until I stood up. To my amazement and great relief, my back pain was 100% gone! 

I now use the HAELO to prepare for my workouts and then again as a post-workout session to ensure a pain-free recovery. The use of this device is now paramount to my journey and ensures that this Navy veteran is “accelerating his life”.

If you are a veteran looking for innovative “bleeding-edge” therapies with an organization that cares, contact Grey Team at

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