Grey Team Join’s Florida Governor’s Challenge – Gov. Ron DeSantis Life-Saving Initiative To Prevent Military Suicides

In a groundbreaking initiative towards preventing military suicides, Florida Governor and U.S. Navy Veteran Ron DeSantis invited Grey Team to join his life-saving program “The Governor’s Challenge.

The Florida Governor’s Challenge aims to address the alarming rates of suicide among military veterans by providing essential resources, support, and awareness. 

With Grey Team’s commitment to veterans’ physical and mental well-being, this marks a significant milestone in the battle against military suicide.

Grey Team Joins The Florida Governors Challenge

The partnership between Grey Team and The Florida Governor’s Challenge stresses the importance of providing our military heroes with an individualized, holistic approaches to suicide prevention.

Addressing military suicides requires more than just one-dimensional solutions; it requires comprehensive strategies that include mental health support, physical fitness, community engagement, and reintegration into society.”  – Grey Team CEO David Miles Kirkland

To learn more about The Governor’s Challenge and our joint plan to prevent military suicides visit:

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