Grey Team Saves Veteran’s Lives! – NBC Mike Trim

On May 20th, 2021, Navy Veteran and NBC News Anchor Mike Trim visited Grey Team to learn more about our life-saving programs and services.

– BOCA RATON, Fla. — Right now, a military veteran in south Florida is waking up battling an unseen enemy, post-traumatic stress disorder.

It can lead to a downward spiral and hit rock bottom in veteran suicide.

Nationally, nearly 20 veterans a day take their own life.

An organization in Boca Raton wants to change that statistic.

Air Force veteran Tyler is in the program.

He suffered from PTSD upon his return from service in Afghanistan.

“What I saw and what I did in the military no 21, 22 year old should ever have to go through, said Wells.

Then, a motorcycle accident led to a leg amputation.

“Shortly after I got out, beautiful Thursday afternoon, I was on my motorcycle and was broadsided,” said Wells.

But as he lifts weights at the Grey Team headquarters, he works on his mind.

Wells is one of 400 veterans taking part in Grey Team’s program.

Grey Team President Cary Reichbach is an Army veteran.

He understands fellow vets transitioning from war to civilian life.

“You’re very uncomfortable in shopping malls and grocery store, anything around people because the very thing that kept you alive is the very thing that’s causing you not to be able to sleep at night and relax around other people,” Reichbach said.

Reichbach doesn’t want his people to be part of a startling statistic.

In Florida, 577 veterans committed suicide in one year according to the latest data from the VA.

Grey Team Saves Veteran's Lives! - NBC Mike Trim (1)

Grey Team co-founder and U.S. Army Veteran Cary Reichbach trains U.S. Air Force veteran Tyler Wells as he progresses through Grey Team’s “Operation Phoenix” Program.

The pandemic has organizations like Grey Team on high alert because veterans in trouble have been isolated.

Reichbach’s program starts with eating well, and exercise.

It also uses light therapy to help with things like muscle inflammation and relaxation.

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