Hapbee Selected as Integral and Essential Part of Grey Team’s Next-Gen Wellness Solution for Military Veterans

Grey Team is always trying to improve military wellness protocols by establishing multiple strategic/scientific partnerships to acquire the latest, bleeding-edge technologies and innovations for its one-of-a-kind service member upgrade facility in Boca Raton, Florida.

On March 12, 2021, Grey Team formed a revolutionary partnership with Hapbee with the goal of helping veterans decrease stress, upregulate healing and elevate productivity.

“Grey Team has been using Hapbee neckbands as part of our Operation Phoenix protocol for over a year”, states Grey Team Co-Founder, President, and U.S. Army veteran Cary Reichbach. “Throughout the operation, Hapbee neckbands, Digital Signals, and Blends (the “Hapbee Wellness Solution”) evolved into an integral and essential part of our wellness program as they allowed service members to continue their wellness protocol from their own homes, work, or virtually anywhere.”

Covering all Grey Team’s testing parameters, fourteen veterans used the Hapbee Wellness Solution thus far in the operation. Grey Team shared that the positive impact of the Hapbee Wellness Solution on veterans was observed across 3 key parameters when comparing before and at mid-point in the program’s 90-day duration, favorably affecting HRV and EEG bio-metrics.

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Highlights from Grey Team’s observations and analyses:

  • Stress index on average reduced by over 50%
  • Autonomic nervous system regulation efficiency saw improvements of approximately 40%
  • Cardiovascular adaptation effort score dropped by over 50%

Before selecting the Hapbee Wellness Solution as part of our wellness program, Grey Team tested its suitability. CNS Vital Signs, Neurocognitive Testing, EEG, and EKG measurements were taken before use to establish a baseline, then again during and after use. Grey Team Program Director Mr. David Kirkland reported to the Hapbee that results improved in 100% of those service members and veterans who used the Hapbee Wellness Solution.

“The feedback from our research and development collaboration with Grey Team and the military veterans who count on this esteemed organization has been edifying and rewarding,” stated Yona Shtern, Chairman and CEO of Hapbee. “This was one of our first collaborations in support of veterans and their families, and it created a model for us to replicate and repeat with many other support groups and organizations. There are roughly 19 million veterans in the United States alone, and we intend to continue to develop working relationships with other veteran support organizations as a critical step towards broader associations with well-funded private and public groups.”

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