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Grey Team Hosts the 2022 International Society of Medical Laser Applications (ISLA)

“On behalf of Grey Team’s Board of Directors, wellness team, volunteers, and the veterans we serve, we were honored to host this year’s International Society of Medical Laser Applications in partnership with Weber Medical and Weber Laser Systems.”
-Cary Reichbach, U.S. Army Veteran and Grey Team Co-Founder

The brightest minds in healthcare, research, and optimization came together in order to share their findings, case studies, and ideas to shape the way we think about photomedicine and how it can heal American military service members and veterans.

“We are incredibly excited to implement the knowledge gained during this conference in our wellness protocols moving forward to help achieve our mission to save military lives.” – said Ms. Trish Phan, Grey Team’s Director of Operations. 

If you are a military service member or a veteran looking to apply for our program, click here.