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Grey Team's
Safe Space

Strength In Community and Each Other

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What Is A Safe Space?

Grey Team’s Safe Space is an inclusive space, built by Veterans for Veterans, Active-Duty Service Members, National Guardsmen/women, and Reservists. 

 We bring the Greater Military Community closer with support and advice, news, educational resources, and inspirational real-life stories from those who have served and their loved ones.

Treating The Invisible Wounds Of War

To solve one of our nation’s most neglected issues, Grey Team’s Safe Space is another fantastic resource for Veterans to heal, in addition to our latest care initiative, “Operation Phoenix.” 

Of the thousands of soldiers who received non-visible wounds during their service, TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), etc, less than 50% receive treatment for them. Compare that to the over 95% who receive treatment for visible wounds, and the discrepancy supplies one of the reasons for the current high suicide rate.

Visible Wounds
Invisible Wounds

Why Participate?

Voices of Our Community

Share your service stories, access valuable educational resources, and get insider advice from other members of the Veterans Advantage Community.

Free Veteran Mentoring

Gain continuous motivating access to influential veteran and civilian community leaders that excel in their field. 

Military and Veteran Life

Resources to help you with your job and career, getting military benefits, addressing your health and finances, buying a new home with a VA mortgage, and much more.


"Volunteering with Grey Team to help other veterans has given me an opportunity to expand my knowledge base and actually elevate myself, mentally, physically, and spiritually. I am now pursuing my Doctorate in Nutrition and Dietetics to further support those who served before me, with me, and after me."
Walter Castillo
United States Marine Corps Veteran
Luis Martinez Grey Team Program Participant
I met Grey Team Co-Founder, Cary Reichbach while participating in VA sponsored therapy session for veterans with PTSD. I can attest to the changes in my life since participating in the no-cost Grey Team wellness program. Trish Phan, a GTeam Personal Trainer (DI), has led me through workout sessions that have strengthened my body, invigorated my well being and motivated me to focus on creating a long healthy life for myself.
Luis Martinez
United States Marine Corps Veteran
"As a US Army reservist, Grey Team has helped my family and I integrate further into the community and contribute. I have now met an amazing group of people who help each other deal with the dual military/civilian persona in productive ways."
David M Kirkland
United States Army Reserves
mav willett 2
"Grey Team has allowed me to interact with other local veterans and patriots, enriching my life and those around me."
Maverick Willett
United States Army Veteran
"The support from Grey Team keeps me motivated and positive during the difficult challenges that being in the US Armed Forces creates."
Christopher Reichbach
United States Army
"Spending 37 years in the Army takes a toll on the mind and body. Grey Team has proven invaluable to me as source of information, camaraderie, and positiveness to keep me balanced through the inevitable dark times."
General Mike Canzoneri
United States Army Veteran
“The transition that Veterans face is more often than not, more difficult than they expect. Discovering or rediscovering a familiar community is key to starting or reinvigorating that transition. The holistic approach that Grey Team deploys takes care of the mind and the body while giving purpose.”
Major Clarence Mathews
United States Army
How You can Help

As you may know, a tremendous amount money is needed to help our nation’s heroes take back their lives from invisible wounds of war such as PTSD and TBI.

Average Cost Per Participant
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With your help, we can help veterans take back their lives from invisible wounds of war.