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Grey Team COVID-2020 Update

In November of 2019, the board of directors of Grey Team undertook the daunting task of building the first of its kind, active-duty military and veteran community wellness center. 

Little did we know that just after signing our lease, we would be hit with a worldwide pandemic, the likes of which haven’t been seen since the Spanish Flu crippled the globe exactly 100 years ago. It couldn’t have been worse timing as we rely 100% on the generous donations of individuals and corporations. 

Recent photo of Grey Team fitness area in Boca Raton, FL. 04/27/2020 - Cary Reichbach
Recent photo of Grey Team fitness area in Boca Raton, FL. 04/27/2020 - Cary Reichbach

As the sea of generosity began slowly drying up due to fears and uncertainty for our society’s physical and financial health, we faced a serious dilemma.

But we didn’t give up because deserving service members and veterans desperately needed our help. Grey Team volunteers persevered, observing social distancing precautions and working solo or in pairs, often late, late into the night, continued to sand, prime, paint, and build.

At the same time, we also reached out to veterans digitally, to keep them engaged with social media community and reduce their feelings of isolation and depression. In fact, Grey Team’s Facebook presence went from 112 followers to currently over 15,500 followers, without even opening our doors yet.

 We also took telephone calls from active-duty and veterans in crisis as far away as Texas,  providing the virtual community that we were unable to provide for them physically.

As of the end of April, 2020, we are pleased to announce that 90% of the physical build out for Grey Team’s Headquarters has been completed. Now we need your help more than ever. 

As COVID-19 has delayed our physical opening, we have had to cancel all of Grand Opening events and donation drives. And while we still have some cash reserves, we are running dangerously low as we prepare for our inaugural cohort of active duty/veterans. As the quarantine is lifted, Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, and Coast Guardsmen, who have previously sent in applications, will be expecting treatment. 

We welcome any donations, no matter how small, of time, money, or both.