Grey Team’s 3 Strategies to Start the New Year Off Right

As the year begins, we here at Grey Team created a 3 step guide towards achieving your goals as a veteran. 

Often we forget to take the time to reflect on the past year with our achievements and setbacks.

Today, we want to list 3 strategies that you can use to ensure you take full responsibility for the year that’s passed and move forward as we head into 2021.

Jot Down Your Unfinished Goals

First, take the time to write down all of the things you planned to accomplish in 2020 that you maybe missed the mark on whether it was due to the Coronavirus or life itself. Whether it’s losing weight, investing your money, finding a new job, changing your discharge status, or increasing your VA disability rating, be honest with what you haven't achieved when writing it down.

Then, list the reasons why you didn’t fully achieve the results you intended for each of the things on your list. This will help in taking responsibility for the outcome.

Reflect On The Goals You Accomplished.

After you have your list and reasons you didn't accomplish your goals in 2020, make another list of all that you did accomplish in the past year in all the different areas of your life. From the smallest achievements and the progress you’ve made toward the bigger goals even if they aren’t fully accomplished yet.

When you have both lists in front of you, a few things will happen:

First, you are going to see the ways in which you have room to improve for the upcoming year. You may even feel a joy that you are steadily moving along in your life.

While examining your list of unfinished business, it’s very important that you do not see it as your failures, but rather various opportunities you  have to improve yourself and to continue working hard and to put forth your maximum effort toward achieving your goals.

This process of facing the reality of this past year, paired with the excitement of all you have accomplished, will provide a true sense of closure for the past year. This process of self-reflection is critical to your ongoing success in the year to come.

Reflect On The Goals You Accomplished.

Resolve to accept the areas you fell short and rededicate yourself to leaving behind any feelings of regret. Turn your attention to the pattern of accomplishment you’ve created in the other areas of your life, and set an intention for the new year to continue on that path.

If you are a veteran and looking to achieve your health and wellness goals, career goals, or transitioning from military life to civilian life, apply for Grey Team's programs and services. 

3 Strategies to Start the New Year Off Right

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