Sgt. Leann Roggensack Delivers Baby in Poland

US Army National Guard Soldier Helps Deliver Baby on the Side of the Road in Poland.

Tennessee National Guard soldier Sgt. Leann Roggensack was driving home in the rain on May 27 when she noticed a car in her neighborhood was pulled over with the flashers on.

What Roggensack saw when she pulled up was a new mother standing out in the rain next to her vehicle. She was still attached via the umbilical cord to her newborn son who was lying on the pavement at her feet, covered in blood.

Sgt. Leann Roggensack Delivers Baby in Poland - Grey Team

Immediately, Sgt Roggensack retrieved her phone, towels, and an iPhone charger cable.

While on the phone with emergency medical services, she used the iPhone charger to tie off the umbilical cord when the mother delivered the placenta. Roggensack wrapped the newborn in a towel and waited with the mother in the rain.

For her outstanding military professionalism and performance, at Bemowo Piskie Training Area, Poland, U.S. Army Sgt. Leann Roggensack, a cannon crewmember assigned to Battle Group Poland, was awarded the Army Commendation Medal.

Well done, Sgt Roggensack – Hooah

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